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Men Would Not Cherish A Woman Who Chase Him Initially?

These days gradually my domesticated silkworm cocoon into a butterfly, from the moment of sexual maturity, the male moths in fixing authorities merely holding the lower body looked out across the female moth could not wait to rush to not miss any a breeding opportunity. The female moth is always leisurely stay there motionless, waiting for the male moths to a romance. Those who are not sexual gratification but also around the flap of the male moth wings, loud, regarded every morning I wake.

As with most other animals in nature, they are by the male moth to take the initiative to take a passive female. Of course, there are also individual biological nature diametrically opposed, such as the hippocampus, bush crickets and Phalarope, male by the female to pursue. The decision to pursue the female of male root cause of what is it? This is the amount of parental investment. Reproductive and offspring who invest more, whoever should be the object of pursuit; reproductive and offspring who have invested less, whoever should be a proactive one.

In general, male reproductive potential, while the female's reproductive potential is limited, the former can take benefit from the sexual intercourse without paying too high a price, while females must take into account the burden of raising the issue. If sexual intercourse is not much in terms of one party for the loss, only potential benefits, then the party would have to pay to pursue a romance. Bush crickets, the hippocampus and Phalarope, they either hatched by the man responsible for, or need to pay a large price for sexual intercourse.

Homo sapiens male reproductive potential is so great that women can not get from pure sex any good. And this means that the egg is much more valuable than the male sperm. Women (also including other biological females) need to take fertility obligations, determine the female sex object choice is more critical, then decided that men should take the initiative to pursue women.

In short, the pursuit of the initiative is not just a nerd board practice or the legacy of feudal society, it is a human biological instinct, across cultural, racial, national boundaries and even the dividing line between humans and animals! As long as pregnancy and lactation is not a man, So your relationship should be initiated by him. He should take the initiative to pursue you, cherish you, protect you, take care of you. Between you in order to seek the joy.

In addition, in the course of human evolution, men never be 100% sure the child is his own (note that we do not discuss modern technology, but in the discussion of the long evolutionary history), and preference for male sexual jealousy is more easy to heirs inherited. In the 2014 Swiss Replica Watches Book of Songs, which said, My Fair Lady, Marty. This is one that is beautiful. And the next one: could wish for, tossing and turning. Said a woman's modesty. Beautiful to attract men, it is easy to understand, watery eyes, sharp and small jaw, full of smooth skin, 0.7 waist-hip ratio, which is characterized by a healthy fertility; and reserved what does that mean? modesty means that her rare, rare means fidelity, loyalty is the trigger man the key to long-term mate choice strategy for organ, which is the ultimate source of female sexual attractiveness.

When "My Fair Lady" in turn Daozhui "gentleman" will cause the man said: the value of her eggs is very low, and her body with male characteristics. This led to his and she did not want to invest in a co-parenting and future generations. When you show male characteristics that approached them, you will not be that they think is a special situation of women so that they feel more likely to be betrayed, to be deceived. Their subconscious that they do not want to be with you - of course this does not prevent him from making ass leave after sowing.

All in all, irrespective of what happens when Replica U Boat Watches you take the initiative to pursue him, you will be considered a bother, not empathy, low value of the second gene product, so his subconscious will think: you are more likely to derail his more difficult be your child's biological father. You are deprived of the possibility of his choice of spouse, so he will be more difficult to treat you as a future wife.

In short, if you like a man, you have to let him chase you, pay for you, Daozhui and men willing to lose out and you can only lead to occurrence of short-term relationship, but it does not bring you what you want long-term relationships. Even if they reluctantly from, and marriage more easily derail.

Of course, women chase men and very easy and very popular with some of the guys, for them, it's like come out of the meal. You are free to make other people eating and drinking, people try to do it, but they are not necessarily willing to pay. Even if men choose to accept Tag Watches For Sale Daozhui, they still will not give up looking for a woman you really want, they may not be deliberately to take advantage of you. Maybe they enjoy casual sex just to benefit them nothing. They may not be aware of their gender advantage, but this may mean that they inadvertently move will bring you endless harm.

In short, our life on Earth, in addition to bush crickets, Phalarope and hippocampus and a few other creatures, the pursuit of females by males. Daozhui his men will never cherish a woman.
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